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Q&A met Cherine #CITYzen074

Q&A met Cherine #CITYzen074

Hello dear friends! I am Gino, student of Marketing at the college Thomas More in Mechelen and since one October intern at I LOVE Network. With great pride we introduce our new CITYzen Cherine. With her passion for pole dancing, she wants to bring this to a wider audience and continue to grow!

What is your hobby?

I am a pole dancer and flexibility instructor and I will start now giving online classes, later on I would like to do open park classes and when the gyms are open I can also start teaching there also.

What kind of message do you want to bring?

Sport shouldn’t be boring or some heavy task on your shoulder, but rather something you enjoy and look up for.

What do you see in the future?

I want to see pole dancing a popular sport in Leuven and I want people to have variety of classes/styles to choose from. I would love to have locals attending my classes!

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Therefore Dear friends, I am convinced that Cherine is the right person to offer Leuven the chance to unwind but also to do interactive efforts! Definitely help her to practice her hobby better and support her on her social media account! You can check out all her projects on her Instagram account @cherineelhalfawy.  And do you want to participate in to the classes? Then go to this link!

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