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Q&A with Keerti #CITYzen078

Q&A with Keerti #CITYzen078

Hello dear friends! I am Gino, student of Marketing at the college Thomas More in Mechelen and since one October intern at I LOVE Network. With great pride we introduce our new CITYzen Keerti. With her passion for art she is going to promote Leuven and she wants to continue to grow in this area.

How do you begin on you’re perfect project

I love to paint with Oils, Acrylic and watercolours; however, my favourite medium is oil. First I make a few sketches and then I start drawing from what comes from my inspiration.

What message do you want to bring?

Art is for everyone and anyone can express themselves via art. I hope I can inspire people to try and experiment. It is certainly not that difficult. It just takes time to get used to it! Let your inspiration speak and draw with yourself.

What do you see in your future?

In the last year I have sold some of my pieces for charity (Profit is used for sponsoring primary education and general wellbeing of little girls in 3rd world countries). I feel deeply about this and would like to continue painting for this cause.

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Therefore dear friends, I am convinced that Keerti is the right person to promote Leuven and show us her beautiful artworks! Be sure to help her practice her hobby and support her on her social media account! You can see all her beautiful pictures on her Instagram account @keertipaints

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