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Q&A with Despina Antypa #CITYzen088

Q&A with Despina Antypa #CITYzen088

Hello dear friends! I am Gama Putra, the co-fouder van NGO (ASBL /VZW) MY CITY FAN CLUB. It is always een honour to welcome a new member in our team. Her name is Despina Antypa. Painting is undoubtedly her passion. Just a quick news, from tomorrow (the 10th of June), she has an exclusieve exhibition in the restaurant “Màloma” with her ten watercolor paintings depicting architectural spots in Brussels and Belgian landscapes. Proud 🙂

How do you start painting?

I was a journalist for 20 years until the economic crisis hit Greece. I lost my job and everything started falling apart. Before losing my job and seeing the crisis arriving I went to a pastry school and after two years of study I became a pastry chef.

Soon after my graduation I created and launched a Greek flavoured macaron online shop. Three years later, in 2014, I came to Brussels and started working as a pastry cook in the 5star hotel “Steigenberger Wiltchers”. In 2018, when my life finally, after almost ten years, started to be normal again, I accidentally fell upon a YOU TUBE video about perspective in drawing. I gave it a try and I realised it wasn’t that hard. Then I saw another one and then another. I started reading more precise books about the science of colours, the rules of perspective, studying the great masters again and again but this time with a more curious eye, trying to identify the balance of colours in their paintings, the relation between light and dark, the importance of the background and so many other details.

Little by little I started drawing and then using watercolours. Three daunting years followed, going back and forth not knowing what my mistakes are and how to correct them. But suddenly I started to see progress, gain some confidence, and finally I could get some satisfaction from the process. The pandemic period, since I stopped working, was ideal for drawing in a frenetic rhythm.

I like architecture and botanical drawing, but lately I found most pleasure in depicting idyllic landscapes in Belgium or elsewhere based on the colour palette and the chromatic scale of famous paintings.

What message do you want to bring to the local people with this project?

First of all I would like to pass the message that everything is possible if you are ready to commit, try very hard and have patience even when in the beginning everything seems impossible. I would also like to show through my paintings the beauty of this country seen through the eyes of a relative newcomer.

What is the future you see for this project?

I would like to be able to continue painting as passionately as now, even when my normality returns after the COVID19 measures end and I go back to work. I would also like someday to have an exhibition.

So dear friends, be sure to take a look at Despina’s instagram. There you can find amazing paintings! Are you creatieve too? Let’s meet and join our NGO. Contact us via this link: 😉

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